around the world​

Imagine a time when all the world is at peace. 

A time when the assaults of worry, fear and chaos cease.

A time when peace prevails over your thoughts, words and actions. Peace is won when we pause and take a moment to recollect. RING 4 PEACE seeks to provide that moment in communities through the public ringing of bells at 4p.m., in every time zone around the world.

RING 4 PEACE takes place in communities large and small.

It is a universal project welcoming all civic, business, government, faith and service organizations. 

Imagine a world of diverse people coming together in a single moment of continuous peace.

Help support places of peace around the world.  Sponsor the ringing of an existing community bell. Establish a bell site locally or abroad. Visit RING 4 PEACE sites. Discover a diverse set of people who are all dedicated to supporting peace through personal change.  

Be Still And Know

One day my heart stood still,

  And all the world was quiet. 

  The chatter of doubt ceased,

  And a hush of wonder settled on the land.

     In this eternal moment-

        Peace prevailed,

           The earth delighted,

              And doubt was redeemed

                               from the bonds of mystery.

  The world existed in perfection,

  The day my heart stood still.

                              Rita Crane, October 30, 2010